how it all started


In 2015 Patricia travelled 8 months to South America. Before her departure she received an empty book from her friends with a few cool drawings and sketches. She took on the mission to make friends and they should perpetuate themselves in this book. They should let their imagination run wild. Write, paint, draw, to capture the moment. With a broken leg, a book with many memories and unforgettable moments, she travelled back to Switzerland.

Jessica was fascinated by Patricia's journey, her adventures and this book. In 2016, Jessica travelled two months across North America, she also received an empty book as a gift from Patricia. Uninjured and with a book full of memories, she returned to Switzerland.

Sandro and Jessica arranged to meet for dinner in December 2017, on a cold winter evening. Sandro euphorically asked her: "Do you remember the friendship books from our school days? And so it all began... Friendship books for travellers. We started planning and that same evening we got Vanessa an excellent advertising technician on board. Step by step Sandro, Vanessa, Patricia and Jessica created the perfect friendship book for travellers.



travelling opens the horizon and you see things you can't even dream of!


Climb into the camp van and drive south without any destination


Travelling the world is a privilege we all should appreciate and enjoy.


From a luxury hotel to spending the night in a tent,

I love everything

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